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Startup Management

When an individual builds a startup, she bakes her unsilenceable dream into the culture. As she journeys forward, she becomes a master and slave of her own story. Fear, euphoria, failure, glory are her rivals and friends while she does what she does to outperform the knowns. Her winsome faith in Not Slow and Steady makes her do too much too soon, resulting in a race lost too early. Scaling muscles out the “culture” and the knowledge. That is just one side of the story.

For the startups, the start may be radical, but a time comes where they need more than the core capabilities. The existing team may not be enough to handle the increasing complexities and the growing expectations. One of our clients had a very strong distribution network and a strategy in place; but a few years and a series of funding later they were out of ideas on what the next step should be. What they needed was much more than previously envisioned: a branding plan and filling the skill gap. Therefore, the business was on backseat to reach its potential.

The Gap

We study and evaluate startups. We constantly metabolize lessons from their success and failure as well as our lean startup experiences to help entrepreneurs walk the tightrope. We perform tedious primary research and awkward social experiments to understand consumer psychology and observe beyond the convention.

Each startup is an ecosystem of its own; so are our efforts – marketing, branding, risk implementation, execution, etc. – to transform each concept into a sustainable business and to give the right push to cross unforeseen hurdles.

The Process

Key Features

Formulate customer-centric business strategies


the team

Prepare business plan and investment pitch

Help innovate in the face of rapidly changing environment

Incorporate design-thinking to devise unexplored insights

Ideate and strategize digital marketing

Hire the right people, including partners

Identify and solve operational challenges