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Social Development

While the market has been abuzz with hopes of CSR initiatives reforming the society, little has been discussed about the execution and long-term sustainability of such measures. Pet charity projects usually lack purpose and are disconnected from the core values; stakeholders’ commitment to such causes is limited. The net result, for example, is a toilet facility without any water connection and improper waste disposal. There are encouraging instances, but not too many.

Furthermore, there is no dearth of ideas at the ground level by individuals or non-profit organizations or communities. However, the failure to build on the idea to make it sustainable and scalable or the lack of access to right funding opportunities, etc., results in the premature death of a potentially game-changing idea. At the other end of the spectrum are philanthropic foundations and individual funders, whose money fails to make the desired social impact.

The Gap

Key Features

Conduct market research on social and economic issues

Formulate the CSR vision and mission for an organization 

Secure partnerships for social organization with companies

Aid social organization implement and scale innovative ideas

Train the leaders to incorporate the CSR strategies

Integrate CSR results to promote the brand image  

Design and execute plans to optimize Social ROI for funders

Supervise the implementation of CSR activities and schemes 

We help private and public organizations conceive the right strategy by factoring in ROI, vision, and financial data. Our tailored solutions help organizations align their CSR allocations with their business objectives and support stakeholders – community, government, social organizations, funders, etc. – from development to empowerment leading to business sustainability.


We leverage design thinking to help social organizations make their initial ideas sustainable and customized to specific market needs, as well as to aid funders in preparing plan and executing projects that create a significant social impact.

The Process