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Social Sector: The Case of Bankura

Exhibit 1: The Approach


The objective of our study of rural areas in and around the district of Bankura was to identify the true problems faced by the community, assess the effectiveness of government schemes, and recommend sustainable solutions – conventional and unconventional – for the potential funders and key stakeholders, among other opportunities.



From carrying out market research to preparing a strategy roadmap, the steps we followed are listed below:

  • Performing secondary research to understand issues faced by different communities in rural areas, opportunities, key stakeholders – current and potential –  and authorities;

  • Conducting focus groups and interviews of local people, authorities, social agencies, funders, etc., to understand the true roadblock and opportunities;

  • Carrying out root cause analysis of the issues raised and preparing a detailed report of the same;

  • Identifying the key stakeholders – current and potential – for further analysis;

  • Finding sustainable solutions to the identified concerns through secondary research and from expert interviews;

  • Performing feasibility and cost-benefit analysis of the identified alternatives; and

  • Laying out a roadmap for execution of the planned alternatives.



Path Ahead:

Few key areas of concerns identified were: sanitation, employment opportunities, transportation, and availability of water. The issues ranged from inadequate planning of recently executed government schemes to lack of infrastructure and training opportunities. The spending had more of philanthropic objectives and less of sustainability and inclusivity.

There is a lot more that can be done to effectively execute the solution and ensure holistic benefits for the community, firms involved, etc.