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Operational Excellence

An organization’s need for a thoughtful gatekeeper is more pressing than its need for a wonderful strategy. Well, the gatekeeper has always been there, armed with the responsibility of protecting the interest of the organization: to selectively let human beings in; to aid their professional growth; to manage their conflicts; and so on.


In some way, the gatekeeper is the binding force that holds the organization together. That gatekeeper, the emotional climate regulator, is the Human Resource Department.

While the gatekeeper should ideally condition any strategy implementation, it is not usually the norm in organizations. As a result, there isn’t one single umbrella sheltering all the employees, resulting in few experiencing a different climate within the same organization. Such a situation is a gentle hint of an impending trouble. That trouble could very well be low employee morale- a perfect recipe for lower profitability.

The Gap

From our research and experiences, we have coded few statistical and qualitative measures to evaluate the emotional health of an organization. Applicable equally to all employees, the code gives us a reasonably strong indication of the deviations from the expected.


It is this deviation that we narrow through customized mentoring, incentive restructuring, workload balancing, et cetera, et cetera. Further, we incorporate the process of Design Thinking with the intention of empowering the gatekeeper in narrowing the deviation from the expected sustainably.

The Process

Key Features

Correlate customer experience with SCM

Empower SC participants to be agile and flexible

Assist in translation of technology 

and services into solutions

Manage costs and allocate resources optimally

Optimize manufacturing and inventory footprint

Develop customized tools to gain competitive advantage

Help clients understand the best procurement capabilities

Restructure network/

distribution channels