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Negotiation and Communication

Negotiating in the real world is more complicated a task than literature seems to suggest. Communication matters. Even with the best of planning, a team paralyses its own bargaining position for carrying ego inside the room or for relying too much on alternatives. The list is long. In our workshop, we focus neither on black nor on white. Instead, we choose the Yellow and see how the entry and exit points shift with respect to changes in the shade of Yellow. It is colorful an affair.

The Gap

The negotiation module prepared by Backspace is a result of a multi-tiered approach comprising social experiments, literature review, and interesting experiences of the mentor, among others. The wisdom has been drawn from tedious primary research and awkward social experiments conducted across domains.


A typical workshop session consists of engaging exercises and case studies. For example, in a recent workshop for finance professionals, the mentor taught self-presentation using scatter diagrams.

The Process

Key Features

Negotiation approach

Game theory

Persuasive styles

Communication framework

Relationship-focus approach

Deal-focus approach


Stress handling