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The Gap

Not even a viral video ensures increase in sales. Attention isn’t intention. Brand value isn’t what clients necessarily value. The options are far too many: classic outdoor marketing, over-the-top media marketing, this marketing, and that marketing and, then, the digital world. It seems, clearly understanding and responding to a customer’s need aren’t solely a function of segmentation, pricing, and the rest.

One of our clients had described marketing as manipulating average and brilliant minds alike. Our opinion was strikingly different. She had tried every tactic available on the Internet: billboard, Facebook ads, minimal banners, paid articles, knowledge videos, etc. Eventually, she lost faith in the power of content and effective communication.


We closely observed our client’s clients; what was missing in her services was the element of experience. Individually, every communication channel conveyed a powerful message, but when put together the messages had nothing much in common. Thereby, her business suffered.

Creating a seamless customer experience requires internal integration at first, not a catchy ad. Everyone in a company has to understand the brand purpose and believe in it. We explore the entire organizational chain to see whether everyone speaks the same language and tells the same story.


We intently listen to potential buyers and the social media noise, and quantify our observations. There is a way to own the market. It is the constant endeavour of our young and bright team to find the way.

The Process

Key Features

Devise market expansion strategy

Develop a new product launch strategy

Apply design-thinking to aid in digital transformation

Devise Omni-channel customer engagement strategy

Incorporate empathy to devise marketing strategies

Enhance marketing 


Optimize pricing strategy to achieve full potential

Develop statistical models to gauge consumer behavior