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Design Thinking Training

The Gap

In today's highly competitive business world,  it is imperative for organizations to differentiate themselves from the rest, in order to build a sustainable model. Reducing costs, designing better products/ services, building desirable solutions, etc. contribute to creating this differentiation. In simple terms, the umbrella of 'User Experience' protects organizations from the competitive thunderstorms.  

How can organizations build this experience for their users? It requires more than just data and technology; it requires looking beyond the obvious; it requires a strong focus on users: their emotions, habits, behaviors, among others. Knowing who your users are, is only the first step; understanding your users is critical in designing the right experience. 

Most often, organizations get the first part right but tend to pay poor attention to details in the succeeding stage, thereby not traversing the right path to creating the required user experience. 

We work with individuals, institutions, and organizations and help them imbibe the core principles of Design Thinking in their culture. Right from understanding the meaning of Design Thinking to knowing the factors necessary for the successful adoption of the same, we streamline our training content according to the needs of the users and ensure maximum relevance and utilization of the content in pursuit of designing the required user experience. 

Design Thinking is more a mindset than a process or methodology. A change in mindset requires trials, experiments, and acceptance of new ideas, in addition to a strong support system. For a business, it would mean changes to the internal and external aspects. We understand this, and plug in design thinking to help individuals, institutions and organizations embrace the change, thus ensuring a smooth transition. We empathize!

The Process

Focus areas

Meaning of Design Thinking and its different models

Understanding the key guiding principles

Introduction to the stages involved

Knowledge of enabling factors for adoption

Understanding objectives and benefits

Evaluation of risks

Knowledge of various applications

Action plan for successful adoption

How we can help you


A series of 10 one-hour sessions capturing the essence of Design Thinking in the simplest way


An interactive workshop covering basic and advanced concepts with the right mix of theory and practice



A complete and detailed Design Thinking walk-through with evaluation to test the knowledge

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