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Startup: Natural Fruit Juice



A Kolkata-based startup manufactured and sold natural fruit juices in sub-premium category. Two years into the venture, the firm was not able to get the traction it targeted. The firm was not sure why the shifting preference towards health foods and beverages was not reflected in its sales growth numbers.



The firm was unable to capture the market share it intended to. Operationally, the firm believed it was very efficient; it was not generating the economies needed to make the venture profitable. The time was ripe to re-analyze its marketing and distribution channels. It needed a touch of creativity to make a difference.



From tedious primary research to executing non-conventional marketing that substantially increased sales figure, the steps we followed are listed below:

  • Performing 360-degree market research on the product to understand positioning of the client in terms of offering, pricing, promotions, distribution, etc.;

  • Identifying marketing opportunities along multiple distribution channels and modes previously not thought of;

  • Listing newer avenues of distribution that has higher ROI potential than existing channels;

  • Exploring synergies and complementarities of the product with different avenues for maximum impact; and

  • Executing the marketing and distribution strategies.



The result was visible over the next couple of months with substantially increased sales. The approach gave client the push it was looking for, to achieve an exponential growth.