PS Srijan Corporate Park, Tower 2, Unit 803,

Block GP, Sector V, Salt Lake, Kolkata - 700 091

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To be the best Design Thinking-driven

Management Consulting firm in Asia.


To help clients realize the gains necessary to furnish impactful and enduring results.


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How we Work

Core Team

What we Believe

Creativity Overdose

We believe that when everything else goes by convention, creativity makes the difference.

Delivery Excellence

We do not stop till we achieve perfection, and then we strive harder to take a leap further.

Intense Passion

While the everyday needs of the job changes, the passion to make an impact is a constant. 

Strong Ethics

We abide by the highest level of ethics and standards. There is zero tolerance to any deviation.


We strongly believe that empathy is what distinguishes an exceptional person from a great one.

Open Communication

We promote an environment without any barrier to communication- internal and external.

As a Design Thinking-driven Management Consulting firm, we add value to our clients by helping them become more Creative and imbibe few, if not all, principles of Design Thinking in their everyday work. 


We understand that each firm is different. So, when we assist a firm in realizing its goals, we remember to plug in all determinants of success namely, logic, creativity, risk appetite, commitment, and faith because number crunching and analyses can take one where anyone can reach. But when imagination makes a contribution, the resulting strategy can take one where very few can reach. As a consequence, one’s competition can barely guess the strategies we engineer, let alone copy because a leap of creativity has infinity within its range.

We encourage a culture of collaboration, openness and curiosity. We constantly push our boundaries to come up with original and creative ideas to unique business challenges. The ideas are then filtered to capture the most stunning one. With meticulous planning and resource pooling, the selected ideas are then transformed into the fuel to drive success.


Our team of extremely talented and young professionals conducts social experiments and primary research – unconventional and conventional – to generate insights that are incorporated into our offering.